viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

NYC Marathon, one week before

While I'm fighting with my legs and some differentes pains I have these days (perhaps by the normal anxiety before a so importante meeting next 4th of November in New York), and while I've decided to do no more long runs, just tapering this last week to recover my legs, a good friend of mine, from Modesto (California), has send me this letter containing a map of the NYC Marathon route with all the Restaurants near the route, and 20 bucks just in case for an emergency food during the race.

My friend Tom was with me past year in a quick visit to the Col of Tourmalet from Bilbao. We left Bilbao at 7:00 and came back at 21:00. During the day, including a bike ride climbing the Tourmalet, Tom only ate a coffe, a croissan and a cereals bar. But he noticed I ate a brunch in the Restaurant of the summit of the Tourmalet, with fried eggs, jam, chips, coffe, etc.

So Tom is convinced that I won't be able to finish the Marathon without going into a Restaurant and eat a good meal.

And, I don't know, perhaps he's right.

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